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Coleccion de Juegos Retro DOS clasicos en MediaFire


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Lista de Juegos Incluidos:


- Aladdin

- Blood

- Duke Nukem II

- Duke Nukem 3D Atomic Edition

- Carmen San Diego

- The Cycles

- Doom

- Doom II

- Death Rally

- Epic Pinball (con todas las mesas)

- Final Doom: Plutonia

- Gobblins 2

- Gobman

- Heretic

- Jazz Jackrabbit

- Commander Keen (del 1 al 6)

- Monkey Island

- Monkey Island II

- Prince of Persia

- Quake

- Shadow Warrior

- Skyroads

- SokoBan

- Wolf3d: Spear of Destiny

- The Incredible Machine

- Paratrooper

- Tristan Pinball

- The Ultimate Doom

- Wolfenstein 3D





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