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Griffin - Amiga 64k Intro (50 FPS)


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Nah-Kolor & Offence - Griffin - Amiga 64k Intro (50 FPS)




Great intro with fantastic music in this OCS 64k collaboration. Released at Revision 2023...



.The Code Heroes

      Nosferatu: Loader, Diamond/Ball part, Transitions and Assembling
                 Tim: Diagonal Scroller, Credits & Sinescroller
       Bonefish: Generic Greetings Scroller
       Deetsay:  Metabars  

.The Graphics Heroes

         Critikill: Griffin Picture and Griffin Nah-Kolor & Offence logo
         MRK + cakes: Griffin Logo

.The AmigaKlang Heroes

       Music composed in a peacefull cooperation by Curt Cool & Magnar

.The Magic Hero

       Project Coordination, Testing, Ideas,
       General Support & Communication by Magic

.Thanks to

      Thanks to Paul Raingeard for Amiga Assembly for VSCode
      Thanks to Virgill for AmigaKlang
      Thanks to Dan/Lemon for Aklang2Asm
      Thanks to Leonard for Light Speed Player
      Thanks to Blueberry for startup code and Shrinkler        
      Thanks to Hammerfist for last minute font used in credits

HD & 1440p (50 FPS on compatible browsers)


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